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Need help solving iCloud synchronization issues? iCloud technical support offers a wide selection of top notch solutions and troubleshooting instructions that you can exploit to your advantage. You can call on iCloud phone number to connect experienced tech support experts. Utilizing these solutions offered by iCloud technical support and iCloud sync problems will be resolved to the core iCloud drive issues. If you face iCloud drive problems, make sure that you upgrade to iCloud drive on all your devices simultaneously. Also, simply click Upgrade, does not necessarily mean that your Mac has been upgraded.

To turn on iCloud Drive on the devices. Go to "Settings" option and then iCloud on Mac OS X. You must check whether you are using the correct account. If you do not use the same iCloud account on your devices, you will never be able to synchronize them. Go to "Settings" then iCloud on iOS.

It is always recommended to backup your devices to avoid any kind of data loss before going for something extremely drastic. To be sure you eradicate any kind of settings problems, here are some things you can do: First, make sure you have activated your iCloud program. It also depends on whether you've upgraded to iCloud drive or not. In case you have, you must go to SettingsàiCloudàiCloud Drive. Furthermore, you must make sure the application you want to synchronize is there and is turned on.

Second, you need to set the clock on your iPhone to automatically update to avoid the time and date discrepancies. This will avoid any problems and keep your devices in sync. Go to Settingsà GenerallyàDate & TimeàSet Automatically.

In this way you can successfully eradicate upgrade error in your iCloud problems. If you are still facing any technical issues then call on iCloud phone number. You will connect to tech support team within few seconds.